The Parliaments

by Silent Lions

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Silent Lions is:

-Dean Tartaglia // Bass, Vox, FX, Samples, Synth, Sax
-Matt Klein // Drums, Vox

Produced by Zach Shipps
Recorded at Rancho Verde


released December 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Nah Collective Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Never Gonna See You Again
Good ole’ Johnny Ray, he’s got knives in his back he don’t know what to say
It all sounds the same, when he opens his mouth he’s the one we can blame,
He don’t play the game, if he would then he could and we’d all know his name,
He’s a crying shame, he gives sight to the blind as he walks with the lame,

Can we reanimate these bodies so they walk walk, Can we reanimate this bodies so they talk talk, and I’m never gonna see you again.

Good ole’ Johnny Ray, he’s the talk of the town he’s the toast he’s the taste
He should save some face til he’s entered the race he’s a catholic disgrace
And we can take him to the preacher but he don’t know shit, no he don’t know Shit, not a little bit.
Track Name: Terrible Days
I’m about to do it, I’m about to go, I’m about to leave you babe, I thought I’d let you know.
It’s about time this town, had brought me to my knees, so my best bet best to be to, just to up and leave
And now the times are tougher now than they’ve ever been before

Terrible days are here in terrible ways, lend me your ears you know we hear them the same

Growing up is easy but blowing up is hard to do, and throwing up is visceral but you can control that too
It’s about time this town, psychologically, had brought me to my knees, so I better leave
Track Name: Pop Rocks
It’s impressive it’s impressionable it is making me feel
With discretion I am plotting my course getting ready to steal
I was born out of this brought myself to the game, and now I think I’m ready to blow
Took my shot in the dark, chance is just a tangible art you know.

You know you should’ve been the one to take the fakes the lies the highs, you know they’re gonna shoot you in the eyes,
you know you could’ve been the best of the best of the best son
You know you could’ve been a great one in a long line, a legacy they left behind
You outta know how that feels

It’s depressing how immeasurable all your talents appear
But quite distressing that we know you’ll be gone in not much less than a year
You are bumming me out, I know better than this and rock n roll is not a fad
It takes more than good luck and a well thought out financial plan you know

You know you should’ve been the one to take the lie detector test, to prove that you’re the one who told the truth

You outta know how that feels, what it means, that it’s real, you better hope that it’s real
Track Name: Lost My TIme
I think it’s time we let you go
I think we ought to let you know
I think this shit’s about to blow
I think we got to let you go

My drummer made me lose my time, his drama made me lose my mind
Tempo rushing out my brain, them fills driving me insane
And no it never was just fine, we argued about it all of the time
Because my drummer made me lose my time.

We did not know quite what to do
We put our video on youtube
It got one hundred million views
That’s how we be do what we do

My drummer lost his time
He turned around the beat it made me stop right on the dime
We argued, so bitter at the time
I swore it was in four but he made it sound like five.