The Compartments

by Silent Lions

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Silent Lions is:

-Dean Tartaglia // Bass, Vox, FX, Samples, Synth, Sax
-Matt Klein // Drums, Vox

Produced by Zach Shipps
Recorded at Rancho Verde


released January 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Nah Collective Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Runnin' Me Down
You hit me, it's like you don't even know, this distance is beginning to show. So by the time you finally come around, and you wanna make this right, but you're coming down on me and everyone I've become, but you don't even know.

You're runnin me down, you don't know how, yeah
Just follow the light when it's not alright.

I've got a lot to say so I think I'm gonna go ahead and say it... You're talking too much, and it's never enough. And the past is receding and it's steady, ready like a red light. Hip to it, fittin' to quit it, watching two hoods cold tearin up shit. ABY, left, right and up, everybody kinda gotta ask, "Well is it tough?". But I stay calm, calm when I'm nervous, nervous I'm manic, when I panic I'm reserved on the surface. "What did I do to deserve this?". That's right I rehearsed this.

You don't affect me anymore. If you can't respect me, then you don't affect me anymore.
Track Name: Stolen In The Heat Of The Moment
I just don't care what you do to me baby because I'm sound. There's just a part of a piece of me lately that I've found, that you stole in the heat of the moment, I take it back 'cos you'd never condone it. I stand me ground, when you're coming around I'm down.

You take the time to make your mind (you sha na na na). You make your call you lose it all. I'm just a shell of who I wanna be, and no one's ever gonna bring me down when I'm out and the sound is poundin'

Can it be? The way I see how we be do is not for you? Got me on strong, just don't put me on.

I can't let you leave me, can't get you off my mind. Know it does get better, you just have to give it time.
Track Name: Crash & Burn
You've got this simple situation, now you've got to sit tonight. You've got this simple new temptation, now get high. You've got your sticky fingers 'round my gun, you're gonna shoot me down. So please don't mind my mind tonight, oh no, watch me fly.

You're gonna crash and burn, you're gonna be the one who finally learns.

I saw you down in Santa Domingo, you pushed me in the dirt. You are the only one who makes this hurt the worst. You always made it look so easy, made it look like fun. I'll say it twice, you are the only one.

And you live just to die, and it seems just like you never try. When I look in your eyes, I can't help but ask and wonder, "why"?
Track Name: Condition
And this condition I chose is never never e'er getting old. And this position I froze, straight from the headboard to my toes is just sub-missionary rows. It's not a sure shot from what I know. And this suspicion that arose, this case is never e'er getting closed.
Track Name: Everybody Freeze
Death, grips around my throat. It's going for the choke hold. Now I'm cold and it's disturbing. Will you be my pride? I'll let you coincide back to my side, and it'll get disturbing.

Everybody freeze, no one make a sound. Everybody sees you in the flood lights now.

Til debt make us pray. Kneel, go on play your part. Rest on this day, and it'll be like Sunday service.

It's disturbing...
Track Name: Space In Time
Blame it on the kid, he don't even know what he did. He stays up at night. He don't wanna fight even when he knows that he's right, he stays up at night. An empty canvas, eyes transfixed he stares at the wall. And in his weighted soul, people don't matter at all.

Time ticks ever faster lately, time ticks faster everyday. Time ticks every faster lately, still I only hear you say

Blame it on the right, they don't even know what to write, they just wanna fight. And blame it on the wrong, 'cos they've got nothing left in their chest, they just sing along.

He stays awake and thinks of it all. He stays up nights and stares at the wall.

Late that night we traveled back through space in time, we found a loophole. Ancient relic, psychedelic, round about and ready to blow.